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SESD Rate Increase Calculator

SESD Rate Increase Calculator



SESD Bill Rate Usage Ext
Usage Tier 1 (1-2000) $0.094 2000 $188.00
Usage Tier 2 (2001+) $0.099 0 $0.00
Subtotal 2000 $188.00
Power Adj $9.88
Base $9.00
Sales Tax $0.038 $7.92
Total $214.80


SESD Bill Rate Usage Ext
Usage Tier 1 (1-500) $0.079 500 $39.50
Usage Tier 2 (501-1000) $0.097 500 $48.50
Usage Tier 3 (1001+) $0.112 1000 $112.01
Subtotal 2000 $200.01
Power Adj $12.19
Base $20.75
Sales Tax $0.038 $8.92
Total $241.88
2021 Year Rate Increase 12.60%


SESD Bill Rate Usage Ext
Usage Tier 1 (1-500) $0.119 500 $59.50
Usage Tier 2 (501-1000) $0.137 500 $68.50
Usage Tier 3 (1001+) $0.152 1000 $152.01
Subtotal 2000 $280.01
Power Adj $17.58
Base $20.75
Sales Tax $0.038 $12.19
Total $330.53
2023 Year Rate Increase 36.65%
2020-2023 Rate Increase 53.88%

2024 Est

SESD Bill Rate Usage Ext
Usage Tier 1 (1-500) $0.22 500 $110.00
Usage Tier 2 (501-1000) $0.24 500 $120.00
Usage Tier 3 (1001+) $0.260 1000 $260.00
Subtotal 2000 $490.00
Power Adj $30.76
Base $20.75
Sales Tax $0.038 $20.74
Total $562.25
2024 Year Rate Increase 70.10%
2020-2024 Rate Increase 161.75%

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A 94.9%+ rate increase in the last 20 months?! 😳

👇 Let's take a look at your options 👇

The way I see it,

we have 3 options

#1 Just Pay

The Bill

Send a fat juicy check every month and smile

  • SESD will raise prices again and again

  • Rent power forever

  • Let the 47% year-over-year national electric inflation erode paycheck

  • Sadness

#2 Bring Rocky Mountain Power

Get Rocky Mountain power to service your area

  • Rocky will raise prices again and again

  • Rent power forever

  • Let the 47% year-over-year national electric inflation erode paycheck

  • Sadness

#3 Take Control And Check Out

Get solar and sidestep rate increases

  • The Sun does not raise prices ever

  • Own the system

  • Stop electric inflation by sourcing FREE sunlight

  • Opposite of sadness

Do You Like Feeling The Opposite Of Sadness?

Then Request A FREE Quote Today!

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Why Are We Getting Large Utility Rate Increases?

From: Mike Morris

Woodland Hills, Utah

Let me know if you have noticed this...

  • Shortages of building materials for houses and massive cost increases

  • Shortages of car parts and massive cost increases

  • Shortages of medicines and massive cost increases

  • Interest rates have gone up and made housing unaffordable

  • Massive cost increases on just about everything (eggs used to be $0.99 and are now $5.00)

😳 Everything Has Gone Up 😳

Crazy, right?!

What changed?

Basically 2 things:

  • COVID disrupted supply chains and caused business closures

  • Russia's war on Ukraine and the subsequent affect on energy prices

Let's break it down so you can see what is happening


COVID wasn't just a pandemic, it was a business and supply chain killer

Remember all that money the government handed out?

It encouraged people to stay home rather than go to work...

...then we had shortages.

1) Did you want lumber with that new house? We have shortages and the cost has doubled!

2) Did you want electricity in that new house? We have shortages and the cost of wire & parts has tripled!

3) Did you want a new car? We have shortages of microchips, parts, and you're going to have to wait 6 months & the costs exploded!

Crazy, Right!!

Let's dig a little deeper into why...

Shipping products across the ocean accounts for 50% of the total global trade and we need parts from all over the world just to make something as simple as a toaster.

Does that make sense?

So here is what happened...

COVID triggered factories to shut down, businesses went under, shortages sprung up everywhere, and drove up prices as supply couldn't keep up!

BAM, Inflation!

Just for fun, go the local pharmacy and see how the shelves look. Pretty empty, huh?!

Why is that?...🧐

China and other countries like India provide 80% of all the material that goes into pharmaceuticals.

See, fixing inflation isn't simply fixed by raising interest rates when we have world wide supply chain disruptions.

There is no end of shortages that make up products which keeps pushing up prices.

Let's take a look at the next big problem

Russia / Ukraine War

Why does the Russia and Ukraine War even matter? We live in the US.

When you think of Russia, think of a BIG GAS CAN.

Russia provided 14% of the world's energy and we (US and our allies) are not buying Russian oil anymore.

Now you might be thinking, why does that matter? Isn't the US energy sufficient?

I'm glad you asked...

Shipping products from country to country accounts 50% of the global trade and it's all done with, you guessed it, OIL.

The most expensive component of shipping is fuel and that makes up 60% of the cost.

So here is why that matters...

Back-of-the-envelope math using data from throughout the past quarter millennia suggest that reducing transport costs by 1 percent results in an increase of trade volume by about 5%. That is also true for the reverse.

As the cost of transporting increases by 1%, we are likely going to see a global trade reduction by about 5%.

As of right now, orders into China are down by 40%.

10X Cost Increase For Shipping A Container

Let's Bring It All Together

COVID triggered factories all across the world to close and drove up costs!

Russia's war triggered an energy shortage, causing factories to close, and drove up the cost of OIL!

Whether we like it or not, oil is the glue that holds the world together.

1) We use oil to keep shipping costs low.

2) We use oil to heat our homes (natural gas is a byproduct of oil), make electricity, transport goods (semi trucks, trains, cargo ships), and power our factories.

3) Oil is in plastics, pens, vitamin capsules, tires, roof shingles, refrigerants, pantyhose, rubbing alcohol, roller skates, aspirin, tooth paste, contact lenses, shaving cream, etc etc etc.

The very phone you are using to read this has oil products in it.

When the cost of oil goes up, the cost of everything goes up, regardless if interest rates are high or low.

Just imagine you are outside the US and...

Your home power bill went from $150/month to $900/month.

And just imagine your natural gas bill went from $150/month to $900/month.

Also imagine, everything else also went up 10% - 50% - 200%+.

How would that impact you??

What if you're a business and your biggest expense to operate your factory increased by 600%.

What if you were in a 3rd world country that couldn't afford a 600% increase? Do you keep the lights on and the factory moving?

What if you live in the US and your summer electric bill goes from $250 to $410 for 3 months in a row. Do you get a second job, just suck it up, or try something new?

Just imagine you buy an EV and your new staggering $410 bill jumps to $610! 😖

Europe Electricity Costs Up 600%

Will Electricity Costs Continue To Rise?

The short answer is "Yes"

Here is why...

  • Approximately 40% of our electricity comes from natural gas. Natural gas is up 165.5%!

  • Approximately 25% of our electricity comes from coal. Coal is up 484%!

  • Approximately 25% of our electricity comes from hydropower. The drought in the western part of the United States are causing a reduction in hydropower. Hydro dams might stop working in 2023.

So what is the BIG takeaway?!

Things are going to be messy in the world for quite awhile.

The world is addicted to oil and things are not likely to improve with Russia anytime soon.

American companies are starting to bring their manufacturing back home and this is going to increase the demand for electricity.

Every time an Electric Vehicle is purchased, that's the equivalent of adding a new home to the grid...

...and with the EV adoption rate occurring at 10X the speed of the combustion engine car, demand for electricity is skyrocketing.

The cost for electricity will continue to RISE.

There is no quick and easy fix.

Raising interest rates is not going to solve oil supply shortages or fix global supply chains!

So, does that mean we do nothing?

We can't solve all these problems, but we can solve how much it costs to power your home.

Some people are going to get buried by their power bills...

...just don't let that be you!

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

These Are Just A Small Handful Of Our Client Success Stories... Click On The Images To Play The Videos... 👇🏻

See For Yourself...

Would You Like To See More? Here You Go...

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What!? There's More? Yep!

The only thing you have at risk of getting a quote is losing an overpriced power bill and future rate increases.


Mike Morris

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get solar with Zero Down??

Simple...as long as you have a credit score of 640+ and are the homeowner, we can put solar on your house with Zero down.  

After installing solar on thousands of homes we discovered when you save folks a lot of money, homeowners love it and as a result it became a low risk option for us to provide homeowners solar with zero down.  Easy Peasy.

Are there solar incentives (i.e. FREE Money for going solar)?

Boy is there ever!  

Both the Fed and State of Utah want to clean up our air quality so they put massive solar incentives out there to encourage us to clean up the environment and save money.

Time is of the Essence on these incentives.  For a few years the State of Utah covered $2,000.  

As of 2022 the Fed incentive is 30% and the State of Utah was reduced to $800.

How long are solar panels good for and what's the warranty?

The useful life of a solar panel is 50 years.  

In fact, the panels come with a 25 year production guarantee, which means it guarantees that your solar panels will produce the promised power for 25 years or it's a warrantied item.

Can you think of a product with a 25 year performance guarantee?  

The real secret behind solar's production guarantee is there are no moving parts. If you compare that to a new car, the car probably only has a 3 year/36,000 mile guarantee, and that is because a car has around 2,000 moving parts every time you step on the gas to go.

Do we need to own the home to get solar installed?

The answers is yes.  

Because we offer zero down solar we are only willing to work with homeowners.

Now, if you own a rental property and want solar on it, that's a huge win!  You can incorporate the power into the cost of the rent to make more profits plus you could depreciate the solar system to protect your profits.

If you are a renter and want solar, have the property owner contact me and if they put solar on your rental, you'll get a referral fee.

Call 385-312-0904

Mike Morris has been helping homeowners with solar systems and off-grid systems for 6 years. He has created custom solutions on homes ranging from:

1) $150,000 homes with 1,500 sqft that needed basic solar systems

2) To $30,000,000 homes with 22,000 sqft that required 155 solar panels, 28 batteries, 2 massive home backup generators, and multiple EV chargers to create a completely self-sufficient fortresses.

DISCLAIMER: The solar figures stated anywhere on this page are individual solar figures and marketing results. Please understand that solar figures are not typical, and we are not implying that you will duplicate them. We have the benefit of doing solar for 5+ years, and have an established following as a result.

>ABOUT THE STRATEGY SESSION: After completing an application, you will get the opportunity to schedule in a Strategy Session with a qualified person from our team. This is completely optional. The Session lasts about 60 minutes and if you do not want to work more closely with us, you can leave without buying anything. The Strategy Session will provide insights on your solar project and offer saving solutions that you will be able to implement right away.

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