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Energy Future
By Cutting Power Costs And Breaking Dependence On Failing Utility Companies…”
(Without Having To Be An Energy Expert Or Putting $$ Down!)
Changing The Lives Of Homeowners
Join the 5,261 homeowners who are actively using Ask Solar Mike systems to easily secure their energy future!

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Why worry about securing your Energy Future…?
What exactly is the difference between securing an Energy Future the Ask Solar Mike way and relying on utility companies?
United States: Accelerating Power Outages (1,200 % increase)

An Ask Solar Mike Home is a home that operates even if the grid fails so that homeowners can confidently power their homes, appliances, and electric vehicles. 
Yes, Ask Solar Mike was created for homeowners just like you, who aren’t electricians or who don’t know how to wire their house to a generator and batteries so they can keep power during winter storms, natural disasters, power grid sabotages, and brownouts & blackouts! Let me show you how it works:
  • Your lights stay on even during power outages (while the rest of the neighborhood sits in the darkness)
  • No longer reliant on 70 year old aging grid lines, utility companies or government systems that are failing at historically high frequencies (1,200% increase)
  • Inflation, rising electrical rates, and ever increasing cost of gas becomes irrelevant because you can power your home and electric vehicles from free sunlight
United States: Accelerating Power Outages (1,200 % increase)
EV Sales: Exploding demand for electricity to power EVs
Ask Solar Mike System gives you the tools and the energy you rely on in a convenient package.
Yes, Ask Solar Mike System gives you the tools and energy you need to power your home, secure energy for medical devices, and power your electric vehicles long term.
  • Free power from sunlight for life!
  • Skip the gas station bill and plug your car into free sunlight!
  • Peace of mind knowing your food won’t go bad during power outages!
  • ​Heaters still work during winter storms!
  • And if the world goes to hell, you provide the food, guns & ammo, and your Ask Solar Mike system will provide the power to keep your family safe!
$7 Trillion Cost of Upgrading 70 year old failing power grid
Control Costs
Control costs and Save MONEY for you and your family as the US trends towards an inevitable energy crisis. Dodge the electrical rate hikes that are guaranteed as utility companies cling to horse and buggy energy distribution strategies and pass along cost in rate hikes to homeowners.  
U.S. Military uses solar in combat zones to create energy security
When you upgrade into an Ask Solar Mike System, you upgrade into a heightened sense of security

Even the US Military is shifting to the security of solar powered energy strategies to protect troops from energy grid sabotage, risky fuel convoy transportation attacks, natural disasters, and rising energy costs.

U.S. Military uses solar in combat zones to create energy security
No Money Down
Protect you and your family’s energy future by getting an Ask Solar Mike System to power your home with no money down. Why does this make sense? 

An Ask Solar Mike System requires nothing down, costs less than utility companies, and protects your family.

A lot of people are suckers and have to learn lessons the hard way, just make sure that it isn’t you. Solar up and take charge of your energy future.

Watch Demo:
In less than 60 days, you can create what would have take your utility company 10 years to do…
Need to know more about what an Ask Solar Mike system can do for you?
Easily power all your appliance for free with sunlight
Power your home
Save time and money charging your car at home w/sunlight
Power your EV
If the world goes to hell, your power is secure
No Blackouts
Security is $0 down and less than your power bill
No money down
Try an Ask Solar Mike system for 2 Months Free:
With Zero Money Down
  • Free power from the sun
  • Free power for you EV
  • Brownout and blackout proof
  • ​Security from natural disasters, sabotage, and aging grid
  • ​No money down
Ask Solar Mike gives you THE TOOLS you need to secure your energy future and keep your family safe.
Can you see why so many people just like you are
Moving to Solar Power their Homes?
Here are a few other FAQs we get a lot:

⍰ How can I get started with Zero Down?

A: long as you have a credit score of 640+ and are the homeowner, we can put solar on your home with Zero down.

⍰ Are there incentives to Put Solar On My Home?

A: Yes!  The Ask Solar Mike program takes advantage of federal and state renewable incentives which cover 30%+ of the Solar System.

⍰ How much does it cost on average to power an EV for a month using solar?

A: It costs on average $41/month with solar to power an EV Car for 20,000 miles a year.

It costs on average $10/month with solar to power an EV Motorcycle for 20,000 miles a year.

For the cost of 1 Ford F150 gas fill-up, you could power your EV for an entire year!

⍰ How much money can I save with solar?

A: More than anybody realizes.

The grid was designed to last 50 years and it's currently 70 years old.  The US department of energy estimates it will take $7 Trillion to upgrade the grid.  

As there are currently 332,278,200 people in America, it would cost approximately $21,066 per person to upgrade the grid.

I have a family of 10, so  my portion would $210,666 plus I would still have a monthly power bill.

With solar, you can side step the whole thing and get free power from the sun for life!

⍰ Can I get solar, batteries, EV chargers, and Backup Generators with Zero Down?

A: Yes!  We can get you 100% prepared for zero down.  

If your goal is grid-tied or off-grid, we can get your whole system setup with zero down so you are ready for anything.

Mike Morris has been helping homeowners with solar systems and off-grid systems for 6 years. He has created custom solutions on homes ranging from:

1) $150,000 homes with 1,500 sqft that needed basic solar systems

2) To $30,000,000 homes with 22,000 sqft that required 155 solar panels, 28 batteries, 2 massive home backup generators, and multiple EV chargers to create a completely self-sufficient fortresses.

DISCLAIMER: The solar figures stated anywhere on this page are individual solar figures and marketing results. Please understand that solar figures are not typical, and we are not implying that you will duplicate them. We have the benefit of doing solar for 5+ years, and have an established following as a result.

>ABOUT THE STRATEGY SESSION: After completing an application, you will get the opportunity to schedule in a Strategy Session with a qualified person from our team. This is completely optional. The Session lasts about 60 minutes and if you do not want to work more closely with us, you can leave without buying anything. The Strategy Session will provide insights on your solar project and offer saving solutions that you will be able to implement right away.

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